Making Android Run Faster

I have been asked by my friends and family how to make their Android devices/mobile phones run faster than it currently is. I argue that for people technically capable, the best method is to root your android. However that’s the lamest suggestion you can give to hundreds of people who just want to make their phone run faster.
Don’t tell them to “root” their phone, they are happy not to tinker with the internal working of their phone. Just tell them the easiest, most “doable” way they can make their Droid run a little quicker. And that is what this post is about.
AndroidFirst Off, if you dont need the auto-sync function of your android, then turn it off. It hogs memory and power, and if you can only activate it when needed, then you can save around 10% of your battery life and make your task switching a little faster. How to do that? See the Video I prepared below:

2nd, if you are on Android 2.1 Eclair  and below then this does not apply to you. But if you have updated your android device to at least Android 2.2 Froyo, this tip should be applied.
Task Killers were useful back then, but by Android 2.2, google has installed a built-in task killer that automatically maximizes memory for you. Although if you need to turn off tasks or switch them, then a Task Switcher and Killer combo will prove useful.
But all in all if you have the Android 2.2 and above, remove and uninstall your Task Killers. It is known that Task Killers only slow down your system or cause some sort of issue with Android.
Android since version 2.1 has improved it’s running applications management. It automatically shuts applications down that hog too much resource. And to boot, if you dont know yet, by default android has a built in Task Switcher which stores the last Eight (8) Applications running.
See video below to learn how to Switch Tasks. You will also learn how to shutdown applications that run in the background and applications you need to stop. But all in all, Android is smart enough to allocate memory correctly to you apps. The more your memory is nearly full, the quicker android is, the slowdown is most probably caused by your processor. To read more about Task Killing and what it does, scroll at the end of this post and see my links to other information resources.

Third, uninstall Apps that you dont use often. Yes we get a little trigger happy downloading everything we can on the App Store. However, some of the apps we install we even forget we had. Just delete and uninstall the apps you dont need on your phone. You can always install them again when you need to since the App Store will still be there and have the application you need when you get back to them.

Fourth, Save most of your applications on your SD Card, some applications use your internal drive space or storage memory to save some quick data and resource that are used while running the App. If the device storage memory is full, you’ll experience some slowdown. If you save your apps on SD, it will manage where to save it’s resources when running.

Fifth, Use wallpapers that are less taxing to your phone. Live Wallpapers are pretty, but they slow processing down. However, if this is not an end all be all solution, its just a quick way to make your Droid run a little quicker. You can save a black wallpaper and use that one to make your device a little quicker.
Sixth, If you can remove your battery, then try removing and reattaching them, this will definitely speed up your system. Just make sure you dont have running updates on the background. Also it is best to just reboot the system by turning it off and shutting it down.


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